The conventional U.K. ‘system’ of recruitment, outsourced and delegated way, way down, is a national scandal of immeasurably wasteful proportion. Perfunctorily treated by an army of callow C.V. ‘shufflers’ and electronic robotics, wrapped in pseudo psycho babble, it has become, devoid of empathy, art or experience; an abrogation of responsibility by those charged with the moral obligation for their Company’s/Country’s future, and is accountable for hundreds of thousands of wholly undeservedly “crushed self esteems”, disrespected by being repeatedly ignored or served the ubiquitous euphemistic oxymoron, (so that it becomes believed)  “Sorry – You’re over qualified.

Fortunately, (and the process is slow) ‘gravy trains’ eventually derail and common sense prevails. Amongst the morass, there will be a few ‘surviving organisms’ that have empathy and care embedded within their DNA.